Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Our sweet bitty girl turned 2 years old on March 18! Time flies so much faster with the third child, makes me sad :( We had a small family "Minnie Mouse" party at my parents house on her actual birthday. She had so much fun! (pictures to come later:)

Here is what you are up to at 2 Miss Chloe...

loves: blanket and paci (they go together:), Caillou, Barney, love to play with your babies especially when Gracie is home to play with you. You will say "Sis sis!!! Babies!!" That is your way of telling G you want her to play with you. You love canteloupe, pancakes, grapes, bread, yogurt, cucumbers, and pretzels. You love to sit on the kitchen counter when I am cooking, you ask me what everything is and when I answer, you say "oh". You love to play outside and you love cats, which you call "meow". You have tee tee'd on the potty a few times, but you are not ready for big girl panties just yet. You still only sleep through the night a few times a month, but you take good naps:) You weigh 21lbs, wear 18-24mo clothes, size 4 1/2 shoe, and size 2 diapers.

Here are a few pictures of you as a big 2yr old girl!!

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